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Fashion in 360 Degrees with Esquire iPad App


The Esquire iPad App.

 Think it’s the right time to have one? Absoluetly. Interestingly, Esquire Magazine has come up with a mobile platform that allows users to navigate through each page interactively. Let’s start with their cover page. Shall we?



The Esquire App cover page in itself is multimedia. In of their 2011 issues, the Esquire app displays a video of Javier Bardem reciting some lovely Spanish poetry. People learn to read more from what they’re seeing. It is indeed true that a thousand words from a picture are no longer enough. This need is very much met by the easy to read Enquire’s new app.



If you ever have that moment in your life when you know or at least you think you know, you’re mentally dating a famous model, this iPad application we are about to share to you somewhat gives you that privilege. The Esquire App allows you to view models in 360 degrees… at your own will. You can view different fashion style worn by the good-looking male species in this planet in any direction you want. More exclusive videos and bonus photography are also shown in every issue. As an example, the Esquire App shows a 3D representation of the World Trade Center Construction in one of their issues.



To add more to this awesomeness, Esquire App won the Best Mobile Edition of the 2011 National Magazine Award. It brings total immersive package to its subscribers in print and in app.

Subscriptions available:

  • 1-month subscription available for $1.99, automatically renewed until cancelled
  • 1-year subscription available for $19.99, automatically renewed until cancelled
  • When purchasing through iTunes, your account will be charged at confirmation of purchase.
  • Your subscription will auto-renew unless you turn this off 24-hours before the subscription runs out. You can turn off auto-renewal at any time from your iTunes account settings.
  • No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during an active subscription period.






Explore Norway Mountains In 360 Degree

There are different ways to promote one’s country on the Internet. The latest that we have trending right now is 360 degree technology. Many have online virtual tours for tourists to have a sneak peak of what they are to experience including cultural, spiritual, natural, and the nightlife happenings. We have experienced museums, helicopter rides, underwater 360 degree tours but never have we encountered wind suit point of view.

This is why we couldn’t hold our horses to play and immerse ourselves after seeing Norway’s newest tourist attraction video. Norway’s official travel guide, has launched their 360 degree video that allows you to control the camera by using your mouse to pan across the screen.

Norway is Europe’s New Home For All Things Action


Best played in full screen mode, you will surely felt that adrenaline as fly virtually through Norway’s fjords, mountains, and canyons. This wing suit jump by the way is recorded in the Western part of Norway, Flo near Stryn.

Visit their official website to experience more breathtaking 360 degrees videos.






Touch Press Interactive 360 Degree Apps For Kids Who Love To Learn

Indeed it is true that the real learning experience happens outside of school – in the real world. However during the past year, the world learns another tool of learning – through mobile applications. This is what inspires Touch Press, a very successful app developer today, creates different educational experience for the iPad platform that provides an interactive learning and teaching environment. According to Theodore Gray, Touch Press Director, “I never thought of the company’s apps as being for children. He was shocked when he discovered that 10 was the median age of those writing him fan mail.”



Touch Press’s “The Elements” iPad app for example makes Chemistry less lecture-ish and more like an investigative experience for kids. As starters, you will hear Tom Lehrer’s funny musical introduction of all the elements. Users are given the ability to move elements in 360 degrees for a better visual perception. The element’s 3D feature not only gives you a better look of an element but it also shows you element properties and how it’s used. To mention an experience with Zirconium element, the Elements app shows how it is used to make flashbulbs, ball bearings, and industrial abrasives.



Touch Press doesn’t design apps specifically for children or young people, and maybe that’s why a kid would like them so much. The apps don’t condescend.”


Other interactive 360-degree learning apps that Touch Press has developed are the following:

  1. Skulls – We have previously discussed earlier this week.
  2. X is for X-Ray – We have discussed as well.
  3. Solar System – You can explore the solar system in 3D.
  4. Gem and Jewels  – Learn different gems and jewels discovered by rotating stones in 360 degrees.
  5. March of Dinasaurs – Different species of historic dinasaurs revealed in epic 3D and 360 degrees feature.



Honda Civic Brings 360 Degree Underwater Ice Caves Film To The World

As adventurous as Honda’s cars portray, their newest interactive ad called “Off The Grid” is as daring. To let you experience Honda Civic 2010, the Off The Grid is an interactive 360 degree film that allows users to control the camera. Inspired by Google’s famous 360 degree Street View, the Off The Grid video ad takes users to places they have never seen before such as Antelope Canyon, unexplored Alaskan ice caves and underwater art museums.


Honda Civic has partnered with the most creative companies today to make this campaign fully working effectively including Widen + Kennedy, Partizan, TTX Film, yellowBird and film director Michael Geoghegan.

If you were wondering why would they show us these unique locations and instead show us concept Honda Civic cars for 2012, Honda sure has a good reason for this. The 360 degree photography is today’s most effective and popular too to marketing and brand exposure. The interactivity of Off The Grid Ad according to Honda provides the same experience that Honda’s engineers offer. They’ve got the skill to explore the unknown and freely go to different courses. Less of a game and more of an experience, the work is an innovative way to express Honda’s point of view on discovery.”

Experience Honda Civic’s 360-Degree Off The Grid Campaign Here:



Ice! Attraction at Gaylord Palms Now In 360 Degrees


Over the years, we have experienced the advantages of interactive 360 degrees technology. Many of us find it very interesting that we want to create one ourselves. Some government agencies especially the tourism department has their full swing promotion going on among of which is a 360 degree virtual tour of a city or state. Great that we have different 360-degree photography applications available on iTunes like 3sixty’s YouSpin360 app. It allows you to create 360-degree animations that you can control for free. Editing and sharing spinning animations are quick and easy too.


An interactive 360 degree panorama is now the talk of the Internet people. The Ice! at the Gaylord Palms is now viewable live in 360-degrees on Orlando Sentinel’s official website. There were 40 artisans from China as reported to have carved 2 million pounds of ice to be displayed at the Gaylord Palms in Orlando, FL. This has become a holiday tradition at the Kissimmee Resort that tourists and locals look forward to yearly visits.

Experience The Ice! at Gaylord Farms, Kissimmee Resort Orlando Florida


Ricardo Ramiex Buxeda, photographer for the Orlando Sentinel Photographer has successfully created 360-degree panoramas of the ice sculptures for online visitors to experience. The 360-degree sculpture experience includes famous Dreamworks Animation characters from the movie Shrek The Halls.


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