Fixel iPhone App – Make Your Car Photographs Move Better Than GIFS

With our recent launch of 360 Car iPhone app that lets you create interactive images of your car with your iPhone, we will now introduce to you another photography app that provides the same unique experience through moving images.

 My Posterized 360 Car

With GIFs becoming very popular among bloggers, a Toronto-based company known as Flixel Photos released an iPhone app that lets users create moving images, even better than GIFS I suppose. It finally bridges the gap between still photography, GIFS, and video.

What Flixel app does is bring life to your car photos with a swipe of your fingers and instagram-like image filters and interface. Super easy and very creative.

It’s interesting how the developers of Flixel app namely Phillippe LeBlanc and Mark Homza are greatly inspired by Cinemagraphs of artist couple, Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. Cinemagraphs are images where some parts of it are moving like a moving train, hands playing with strings, hands clapping but the image is entirely still.

According to Homza in an interview with Mashable, ““What Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg did is completely reformat the GIF format and art form by merging the gap between photo and video. So they positioned themselves as photographers with an element that is in motion, that’s in movement.”

Flixel app developers provided the same technology to us iPhone users for free! It’s like Cinemagraphs, Instagram, and Hipsmatic combined.

Here are Flixel iPhone app features:

  • Live-paint your animation with Flixel’s unique and simple creation process
  • Apply custom designed filters
  • Loop your animations forward or backwards
  • Insert a loop delay for a surprise effect
  • Interact with friends by loving and commenting on their Flixels
  • View the most loved Flixels weekly, monthly, and all-time
  • Discover Flixels created nearby
  • E-mail Flixels to friends or share instantly to Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr
  • Private account options