KNO: 360-degree and 3D modelling On e-Textbooks

1Do you remember your Biology lessons in high school; how overwhelming it is that our body is perfectly made together and if there is some kind of way that your teacher can show you realistically what he’s teaching about? Well, one school does that now: Khan Academy.

A week ago, Khan Academy launched their KNO Textbooks 1.6.1 app for iOS devices specifically the iPad. The KNO e-Textbook app is a digital platform that supports various multimedia resources like Khan Academy videos and interactive 3D objects that users or students can seamless rotate in 360-degrees. Not only that, the Textbooks App provides access to hundreds of thousands collegiate textbooks and information from major publishers like Cengage Learning and McGraw-Hill Higher Education.

“The latest release of Textbooks for iPad, version 1.6.1, includes a new beta feature called Smart Links, which brings contextually related external multimedia resources into textbooks accessed through the reader in order to help make material more accessible to students. These include instructional videos from the popular education resource provider Khan Academy.” 

With all these books, you sure need your own library so this amazing interactive app KNO has course managing tools to further enhance studying tools for students  such as the following:


  • Organize textbooks
  • Share textbooks via Facebook, email, Twitter
  • Zooming functions
  • 360-degree Interactive rotating function
  • User-friendly navigation controls
  • Highlighting function
  • Sticky notes
  • Chapter previews
  • Support for downloading and reading PDFs from the Web

According to Founder and Executive Director of Khan Academy, Salman Khan, “Khan Academy’s goal is to provide a free world-class education to anyone, anywhere. We’re excited that Kno sees the value in our mission and has integrated our videos and study tools directly into their books. This provides students with a new way to access Khan Academy content–and all within the context of what they are already learning.”