1.1 Creating strong impression in a photograph is the tricky part for capturing the viewer’s attention and making it on a sale. Product photography can be difficult to get it right especially if the subject is something that seems to be mundane like a bottle of lotion. So the challenge here is how you are going to make that simple product worth the price tag. Yet, many photographers today make some special techniques to any products to make it attractive and draw more customers. Uniqueness of the photo makes it the best among the rest. Here are some key points to consider in achieving this one.

Passion and Creativity

Passion for work and photography makes great impact to create more appealing photographs. Not all photographers remain pure photographers. One should also become versatile to any areas of photography to come up with something unique. Learning other types of photography will help you get what should be just right to a particular type of business. On the other hand, creativity is the ability of the photographer to make the product presentable in a creative way which will draw attention especially at first glance. It is a challenge for every photographer to come up with something different.



Actually, there is no specific technique that a photographer must follow. It depends on how the photographer will come up to something worth the product. But most of all, Lighting and positioning are two important factors to consider. As long as the output is good and you came up with the easiest steps to get it then you are already making your own style in product photography. For example, when it comes to Food photography, a food can look more appetizing if you will shoot it with side lighting or natural lighting. And also the dish should have an angle where it really looks best.


A DSLR camera is still the best camera to use for professional photography. Common brands used by professional photographers are Nikon and Canon. Some uses a 28mm fixed lens and some with prime lenses, L-grade lenses. Depending on what object you are emphasizing to, you should always have the right tool and equipment to use. It will enhance more the totality of the product and will later easier to edit with any image editing softwares such as Photoshop. Example, for taking food, it is better to use 100mm f/2.8 macro lens or 50mm f/1.2 lens.

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Photo Facts
1) Asahi is the former name of Pentax
2.) Polaroid introduced Model 95 in 1930′s
3.) In 1930, Henri-Cartier Bresson began to use small 35mm cameras to capture images of life.

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Photo Facts
1)Ferrotype is another term used for tintypes
2.) Ambrotypes were most popular from 1851-1880
3.) Viable color films was commercially brought to the market in early 1940’s

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Photo Facts
1) Tintypes, patented in 1856 by Hamilton Smith
2.) Calotype is the Greek for beautiful picture
3.) Emulsion plates, or wet plates, were less expensive than Daguerreotypes

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