With the very known company to produce music albums for over 10 million worldwide, Dream Theater have been in a long reputation in the industry of hard rock music. One of their best known albums was 1992’s RIAA gold-certified classic images and words which received countless honors for their imaginative fusion of melodic power and virtuosic experimentation.

Dream Theater is very proud to launch its first 360° App on iOS. The DreamTheater360° App will present to their fans a very unique and interactive 360 degree experience of the Grammy-nominated progressive metal titan’s performance as it was captured on stage by Mativision®. It used Mativision’s multi-camera 360 degree video technology at Luna Park in Buenos Aires.


January 9, 2014 was the said released date of the DreamTheater360° app and has a promising word for their supporters a full thrilling experience and exciting way to watch the band’s onstage performances. DreamTheater360° app in its exposure will include five interactive songs which were filmed and produced using Mativision’s video technology. The app virtually brings fans onto the Luna Park stage right next to the band performing and submerges them in an experience of real time controlling. The user can direct a show by manipulating the multi-camera iOS player of Mativision and at the same time can watch and enjoy the concert in any way they want.

“This app is one of a great many reasons why the iPad is such an amazing device for work AND entertainment. Yes, picture quality is less than ideal when attempting to zoom, but there are no other tablet experiences like it, except for today, because I’m downloading the Steve Vai 360 app as I write this. I recommend this without hesitation, particularly to DT fans!” - Feedback Source

The app gives an illusion of being able to rotate the camera into different camera angles by tapping and dragging it to different directions or by using the device’s built-in gyroscope. The user can also zoom it in and zoom it out and has an auto pilot feature mode which can make you relax while watching the show without interaction. With the apps, innovative watching experience, Dream Theater strives to share to their fans all the freedom and onstage moments of live band a performance that seems to be as if you are right there and right beside them on stage. The app will also have updates of band-related content like biography, photos, information and news. The app is now widely available from the iOS App Store and costs $9,99.



3D scanner is a device that captures real-world object and environment. Analysis of collected data can be used to view the geometry and construct it into a 3-dimesional model. However, 3D application requires a complicated way of getting the right formula to achieve the idea. Lately, there was an amazing progress that was discovered.


In the recent research conducted by The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) , the group presented its newest invention: An application that turns ordinary Smartphone into a 3D scanner. The conference was held in Sydney, Australia.

It transformed the Smartphone into a portable 3d digital scanner, allowing users to take snap pictures by moving the phone around the object of interest and right after the few motions, it will generate a 3D model of the captured object. Now, the question is how is this possible? During the time of capturing, the app automatically records additional images and at the same time calculations are directly performed on the mobile phone. Thus, getting an instantaneous feedback time and can select additional perspectives to cover up missing parts of the rendered 3D model.


An advanced technology for every user

One of the major goals of our technology today is to make any invented applications and devices become friendly to its users. Instead of the conventional way of taking pictures, the app is created to simply make the user moves the phone around the object and 3D model appears on the screen right away. There are no calculations to do since the app itself already performs it. With the use of inertial sensor of the phone, scanning process is made easier, intuitive and vigorous. An essential advantage compared to batch-process solutions.

“Only two years ago, such software only runs on massive computers. We were able to shrink processes down on smartphone level and make then highly efficient”, says Marc Pollefeys.

Perk up 3D production industries

The app is so cool that it can determine the absolute size o the scanned 3D object, vertically and horizontally. It uses co-processor of the phone to enable faster reconstruction since it involves complex calculations of hundreds of thousands of points that were captured. It can also capture 3D faces that are best for portraits or images of people. With all of these functions, another benefit of it is that 3D rendered models can be used or visualization for later 3D printing and object replication. Using this app can make 3D modeling becomes easier and may boost the industry of 3D productions such as mini statues and replicated model of any product for promotional marketing.


As our technology today changes, Web marketing strategies are also changing. Every entrepreneur wants their products to become marketable and eye-catching to the customer. Therefore, having realistic and unique marketing tools and strategies are highly stipulated.

Internet advertising is widely used today since it uses internet to liberate promotional marketing mails to the costumers. It includes search engine optimisation, email marketing, web banner, mobile advertising and many types of display advertising. Because of strict competition and demands of businesses, Website alone doesn’t give you a hundred percent assurance to gain more clients and increase your business’s profit. Adding good-looking visual graphics and more interactive user interface display such as 360 degree panoramic virtual tour makes your website standout from the rest .

What is 360 Panoramic Virtual Tour?

Virtual Tour is a recreation of an existing place that is usually composed of video and still images. Panorama is a wide-angle view of a physical space,place that is also popular in photography and three-dimensional presentation. 360 Degree Panoramic Virtual Tour is the combination of the two ideas and is created by stiching still images. It is made up of a number of shots both horizontally and vertically and starting from its single vantage point. Thus, giving your customers an opportunity to see what you are selling in a unique way. In the past 10 years, its technology has gotten even better, allowing users to navigate the tours by click the floor plans, maps, sceneries, dragging from left to right, up and down, srolling to zoom in and zoom out.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.06.14 PM


Its Benefits

The best way to attract customers is to make them understand your product and services and give them a security of its benefits and what to expect for their money.Here are some of its benefits:

  • - Better viewing of products and services especially for Real estate, Hotels and Resort viewing.Virtual tour makes the location easy to understand.
  • - Higher resolution of images with faster loading time on browers.
  • - Intuitive controls and features.
  • - More exposure of your website. People are more likely to visit your website again just to experience and enjoy its virtual immersive effect. Thus, you can get higher page visits, refferals, popularity and increase SALES.
  • - It can make your business stand-out from others and integration of customized features for your company branding.
  • - Thumbnail Navigation for easy quick and easy viewing.


360 Panoramic Virtual Tour Samples






Camera360 Ultimate: Dominating the World of Photo-editing

In today’s time where almost every people in all ages has a smartphone and that they want to get connected and share moments with friends through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more. It’s no wonder why Pinguo, the company who developed Camera360, created an application that really brings up the photo-shot experience. The good thing is it’s equipped with tons of filters, distinct shot modes, specialized tools and added features or extras that cannot be seen in other photo-editing apps. On the other side, the application’s interface can be confusing sometimes and it misses out the sharing feature which what I think is one of the most important part that should be integrated in the package. So before you create your youspin 360 photography, you can edit them using Camera360 for stunning effect.


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Pros and Cons

Camera 360 Ultimate, a photo-editing app created by Pinguo, a Chinese mobile app developing company, has been trending for some time now. It also belongs to the top list of camera apps in 2013 not just in android but also in IOS and Windows with over 150,000,000 users worldwide. But before I tell more facts about this app, let’s take a quick look why people like using this product. For the most part, these are the pros and cons that I’ve seen while using this application:


  • • Has a great deal of filters compared to other photo apps
  • • Lots of exciting features and added extras
  • • Fairly useful tools, not that really impressive
  • • Launching the app is relatively fast
  • • Some effects are striking
  • • Modes like tilt-shift and color shift are stylish


  • • User Interface is more likely difficult for new users
  • • It doesn’t have any support for video camera
  • • Sharing preferences are very limited only to specific social apps
  • • Saving images takes time due to filter application


Companies in Partnership with Pinguo

As far as the company is concerned, Pinguo has developed its Camera360 Software Development Kit (SDK) and partnered with several significantly large companies such as Tencent, API, Xiaomi and Nokia. These companies have used Camera360’s photo-editing features and integrated it into their productt like what Nokia does. It has been said that the co-founder and marketing director of Pinguo, Gary Gu, tells that the company is trying to expand its reach and win more big partners in the succeeding year. According to a reported interview he said that their goal is to get international companies such as Flickr and Twitter to start using their kit.



Sell Out Your Product Image

There are many entrepreneurs that find some hard time in selling their products. This is does not only apply for those who are just starting in business but also for businesses that are aiming for consistent business growth. Presently, most businesses that do not strive for innovation are left behind in the market. What does this mean in selling out your product image?

This means that for an entrepreneur, there should be no room for mediocrity. You should keep an open mind to learn more, explore, discover, benchmark, and to adapt changes if necessary in order to attain business growth. Product image is one of the vital factors that needs to be considered in selling your product. In fact, 90 percent of consumers considers product packaging when they buy the product, especially when it’s new in the market. Nowadays, consumers have become smart in picking a product and product image is a factor they consider.

Coming out with new ideas about your product and thinking of ways to improve on them will help sell your product. Factors that you should consider:

1. The Trend –season changes and affect the taste of people therefore make sure that the consumers will still patronage your product

2. The Need – you must always ask what the customers need and fill that need. Follow Maslow’s principle on hierarchy of needs and you won’t go wrong in running your business.

3. The Technology – try to be updated in technology. It may be the key to your success that will push your company to grow.

4. The Creativity – this is necessary in any business. It involves your marketing strategies and other operations that will upgrade your company’s product.

5. The Evaluation – making reports every day and conducting monthly meetings will help you understand the flow of your business furthermore this will guide your business goals.

Considering these five simple things in selling your product’s image will help you stay successfully in business and even attain more than what you dream.

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